About Us

For over 25 years, Deepsikha Enterprises has been the innovator in Providing Compressed Air System & Quality Air Products. Today, we are the industry leader in Providing Solutions related to Air Compressors, Compressed Air Piping System , Drilling Equipments & Road Construction Equipments. We have been Consistent in Providing Services & After Market Products to our end Customers.

Deepsikha Enterprises was Started as a Partnership firm in the Year 1989 as a Authorised Dealer of Atlas Copco (I) Ltd for Chhattisgarh region, responsible for Supplying Air Compressors & Mining Equipments & Services majorly in Mining Sectors & Cement Industries.


Mr. Suresh Dahake A first generation entrepreneur, build & develop Deepsikha enterprises after two decades of consistent dedication and commitment with an experience that is second to none which underlines a customer centric culture in everything, by which Deepsikha is the industry leader in providing solutions related to air compressors, compressed air piping system, and drilling equipments & road construction equipments & consistent in providing services & after market products to our end customers.

Shree Suresh Dahake

Mr. Amol Dahake, second generation entrepreneur aim to expand family business at next level and believes in working and executing every little thing to the best possible and today he has become a pillar at Deepsikha.His attention to detail and preciseness has helped Deepsikha today become an extremely formidable force in the industrial machines consulting and support business. He leads the client acquisition team at Deepsikha with minute attention and a lion’s heart to win business.

Mr. Amol Dahake